Inside light to OUTSIDE


This was given to me after a remodel. We have the same light hanging in the rental we’re in. Started off rattle canning the gold to white. The idea was to hang it from a heavy duty shepard’s crook but based on the weight I knew I had to modify it. I separated the solder seam  to reduce the weight. That took time but it was effective and completed the Upshabby.




When everything was put back together I loved the look. The light went from a brassy hallway entry to a solar outside light that is hanging right by the patio table that I moved out. It’s an antique kitchen that I Upshabby’d but the outdoor space has now become a goto spot! Love it. I pulled all of the electrical wires to reduce the weight knowing that it would never be used that way again. 3 solar lights to replace the light bulbs and this is what you get! Love LOVE it and worth the time!


It isn’t overly bright but kicks off enough light to set ambience. If used to eat I’d want candles to kick off a bit more light but I LOVE it. Anybody with outdoor space including a table and chairs would love this. It adds to the space without setting you back $. I’m still retraining myself to Upshabby the “normal” throw always to wanted items. 

Please share this. 😉 







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