Where do I start… the “beginning” is too long ago. :/

Update on life… Work and wedding but not necessarily in that order.

I’m waiting for the time in my life where things get easier. Waiting. Waiting.. Waiting… It just doesn’t seem to be “this” chapter in my life yet.

I’ll start off by saying that Ben and I left Daisy with a dog sitter and traveled down to CSULB for my niece’s graduation. Amazing and wonderful time spent with family that I haven’t seen regularly since we left CA. Long overdo but Kate was gorgeous. I enjoyed speaking with her and coming to terms that this young woman is absolutely gorgeous inside and out.

Being there for that took me back to my own college graduation. Left me reflecting on the last 21 years. Realizing that it’s time for me to regain the focus that I once had and lost. When I “lost” it I didn’t care anymore. I made the last decade extremely difficult on myself. The only thing that it proved in the struggles was that I was great at punishing myself. Nearly a damn professional. 😦

With that said, I’m done with that chapter. I close the book and toss it aside. Now it’s time for Alli to reposition her life on top. I am capable, as we all are, of anything that I set my focus on.

Work is moving right along. Enjoy the process and being with the airline but the future is unknown. I continue to seek out doors aka opportunities. I was called in for a meeting Monday before my shift with the comment of “changing my schedule.” I was told that I may be offered a full time position. There are both pros and cons with that but it’s unknown if that is what the meeting is about so I’ll hold off on that.

The wedding is getting details set in place. We have the venue, time reserved and all the basics. The details are starting to make themselves known in my head as I check them off the list. Things like how the tables will be set up food offered, drinks, etc. Things that I don’t necessarily need to be concerned about now but that’s how my mind rolls. I know how we’ll exit the reception with Daisy in hand, of course. 😉

Wedding venue

Wedding venue

More changes are coming down the line, but I accept them with open arms. Lastly, I made it to my 2 year sobriety at the graduation. I recognize that many people can’t relate to that and that’s ok too.


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