It’s getting fun now~ Wedding Planner Extraordinaire!

imageI think I missed my calling! This wedding details are starting to get fun and it’s almost a year away! I bought a really great long formal gown right after he proposed. Didn’t realize how much weight I’d continue to lose at the airport so unsure if I’ll end up selling it or altering it myself. If I can’t alter it in Ruffle County I don’t want to “play.” Ruffle County, for those of you that don’t know, is my craft room where my sewing Upshabby happens!

We picked out the venue. Originally we planned on going to Moab, UT and had a bed and breakfast picked out. It was small and quaint but when we went for the walk through it was too small. They required that all rooms were reserved with a 2 night minimum. Excuse me? If people flew in and out to join us staying only 1 day, who do you think was responsible for the additional night? At $200 ea room per night it was too much to take on. Not to mention that the caterer wanted it “his” way irregardless of our goals and plan. Just like what the barber says… NEXT.

When we thought Moab was it I hadn’t started the airline position yet. As we left and were talking about it, Ben says, “let’s keep it local in AZ and make it more user friendly for everyone to get to.” Not to mention that instead of a destination wedding we can do a Destination Honeymoon with the flight benefits. Yay!

That brings us to the venue we did choose. We’ll be married in AZ at the end of April 2015. It won’t have started to get hot yet and it’s very close to the airport. Easy transition from plane to hotel to wedding. We have the time reserved from 4 to 830pm. It’s very quaint but I love the outdoor ambiance. That is why we chose the time that we did. Have I mentioned that I’m a recent lover of a combo of antique and vintage? Mom would question when that happened because I hated it, until recently.

So now I’m onto desert. The traditional cake doesn’t fit what we’re going for. I’m waiting for quotes on the top layer and then to have the desert bar table with many things to choose from. Y’all know of my recent fascination with dirt cake? There’s a reason for that.

The dress doesn’t fit. Now what? I woke up at 4am this morning and realized the tentative theme of this celebration. Let’s recap- love vintage and antique. We’re getting married at The Antique Wedding House. I’ve been fascinated by the rockabilly style of the 50’s. That’s IT!

I’ll be searching for a dress that was either a prom dress or some type of formal gown. I’ll take that and Upshabby it to meet our style with the celebration! I may have already found the dress. Stay tuned for that. I was married the 1st time nearly 20 yrs ago. The fact that I didn’t care about the details should have told me that it wasn’t the right time, but it didn’t.

I’ll be Upshabby’g the dress and also making the birdcage veil/ blusher. I’m looking forward to getting those 2 things accomplished. I’ve lost about 30 lbs since I started at the airport 7 months ago. Total weight loss since I quit drinking 2 years ago is 50+ lbs and with my current job I expect to lose another 15 pretty quickly.

I think I missed my calling. Rockabilly anyone? Shhhh… Don’t tell Ben. He doesn’t read the blog and I haven’t mentioned it yet. Yes he’s sitting a foot away from me on his own computer but right now Daisy and Alli are keeping it a secret.







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