Upshabby’g wardrobe!

In the last 2 yrs I’ve lost nearly 60lbs. Part of that is due to quitting drinking but also the physical labor of working at the airport has helped. Great way to guarantee exercise! Lol.

Most of my clothes are too big. For the important things I’ll replace but for things like my favorite shorts?! NO way. Not that they are a great brand but I like the way they feel. I’ve tried multiple ways of taking things in. I’ve sewn the extra from the front, the back and the side to reduce the waist but haven’t liked the way it sits. Felt like a blinking light should have been there to announce my attempt.

The other day I realized that I was on the right track with just a slight adjustment to how I was doing it. These shorts are flat front (no pleats). I took the extra fabric and folded into the pocket. You can still see that there has been extra fabric taken in but the pocket absorbs most of that. It’s less obvious and that works for me. I’ve reduced the waist by nearly 4″.

Try it. It’s simple and an effective way to keep the favorite pieces when replacing them isn’t necessary or at the top of the priority list.

Now back to wedding details. Should I mention that I picked up my dress yesterday at a steal of a bargain. The dress/ gown I’d bought is now too big. Cry me a river, right? I didn’t want to take the chance of doing alterations on fabric that isn’t as “forgiving.” Tags are still on but it was a sale item so can’t return it. May end up selling it but I’m not sure yet.



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