Wedding dresses to be REused!

Ten years ago in my much younger years I would have fought that notion. Today, however, it makes sense. How many times do wedding dresses get worn? For how long? Then what happens? They typically get bagged and sent to the back of the closet. I have my original gown that has been intended to make its way to my stepdaughter. Shortly after I wore it and married her father she became the blushing bride and wore my dress. Fit her just as amazing as it did me. Now to retrieve it from the closet at my parents’ house and send that on.

With that said, Ben and I are getting married at the end of April next year. I’ve started planning out the day. We have our venue selected. I bought the first dress months ago. It’s gorgeous but something seemed “off.” Yes I’ve lost weight since I bought it so I chalked it up to being too big.


Went out on Craigslist and found a black dress that is gorgeous! Yes CL and yes it was previously worn but 1 time for hours. It’s amazing what’s out there if you take the time to look. A fraction of the price and my priorities have shifted. Then, and last time, I realize that I want a white dress. Mom’s comment, “are you sure you want a black dress” kept reverberating in my head.

In addition to wanting a white dress, I want the theme to be Great Gatsby 20’s. Yes I found THE dress that fits that theme. It’s a newer version dress of that plays into that time period. I won’t post that pic now but it’s full length and tiered with flattering details. At first I was intimidated by wedding dress sizes. They tend to run small so I assumed that my size 10 to 12 frame, depending on brand, would need a 16 and alterations would be necessary. Did NOT happen. The purple dress above is a 10. It’s not a true wedding so no shock there. The black was a 10 and the white is a 12. The last 2 are David’s Bridal dresses.

Bottom line… Don’t rule out thrift type boutiques. I did CL because it was easy locally and I understand the process. If I was uncomfortable with the environment I never would have tried them on. The first dress retailed for $300 but it was on sale from Dillard’s at nearly 70% off. Combining the cost of the last 2 was less than the 1st.

It’s not just about the money though. It’s the idea of repurposing a dress to fit our wedding day. I’m especially thrilled at the Great Gatsby theme. My bride team will be wearing these dresses. Repurposing all over again! Think black slip with 4″ chainette fringe sewn on. I’m so excited as things start to come together!

Great Gatsby Bride Crew



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