Flapper dress calls for flapper style shoes! Repurpose the closet!

I picked up the white flapper style dress. Love it! Doesn’t matter to me that it’s not truly from that time period. This dress was previously worn for a wedding celebration and it FITS! No alterations necessary.

Asi was thinking about shoes I realized that I have a pair that will work. They are wingtip style which were big in the day. Not a t strap but doable and they’re in my closet. This pic is an example of a flapper style shoe that is currently available on line. Why buy when I have a shoe that’ll work?!



This pic is the shoes that I have. They were worn in our engagement photos. No they aren’t the same but they are close and I already have them.


What will it take to transform my shoes to have a white emphasis? Not much. When I get started it’ll take about 30 minutes of detail work to take them from solid black to black and white. Easy peasy Upshabby.

Prior to shifting over to the Roaring 20’s I had put together the bouquet. I’ll take mine apart and add a hint of black and white. The red that I pull out will get split into 2 small bouquets that my bride team will carry. They’ll have more black and white with a hint of red.




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