Chalk painted shoes?! Great Gatsby!

Yes I have chalk painted nearly everything! Recall that our wedding theme is Roaring 20’s. Everything that I’d looked at online had the wingtip look. I thought to myself, “self you have a pair of black ones that you don’t wear. Upshabby THOSE.” I love to find things that I currently own and tweak them to find a “job.”

these shoes were picked up at Payless less than a year ago for less than $20. Once I knew that these were going to beTHE ones I was going to chalk paint, I got to work. The dress is white. It is full length and gorgeous. I wanted enough white to stand out yet not change them completely. My shoes needed some flapper attitude!

Upshabby'd shoes

Normally if I chalk paint I pull out a quart of paint from the garage. This area that I wanted white was very small so I went to the craft room for a 50 cent tube of paint from Walmart. For this project I used about 25% of that tube. Pour the paint in whatever you’re going to use to hold it. I picked up an empty soda can and turned it upside down. Squirt the paint, head to the water fountain and add a bit of water. It isn’t an exact measurement. I’ve chalk painted enough times to know the consistency that I’m going for. This is the important part. Pull out your baking soda and a pinch of soda. Mix it up.

The consistency you’re going for is pancake batter. The water thins it out but the soda is the “magic” and thickens it while giving the paint something to adhere with. I don’t know how else to describe it. The baking soda acts as the glue giving the paint the “legs” to grab on. If you add too much soda it’ll seem like it’s too much effort to spread it. Not enough will leave an impression that there is no way this’ll work. Mix it well and know that you can add until you feel it’s the correct consistency. As stated, I think of it as pancake mix.


Chalk paint is amazing. If I wanted these to be red instead of white I would have used a red tube of paint instead of white. I put 2 coats on these shoes and now that they’re done I’ll set them with wax. The wax acts as the glue keeping it all together. This is the exact way that I chalk painted the leather recliner, my former pink Ariat boots and now these wedding shoes. Ask yourself what you have that’s not being used that would IF it were a different color? Jump on it and have fun. Think Halloween. Costumes for theatre. This could be a huge help in many different venues. Come on… these are my wedding shoes to be worn with the tiered white dress that screamed flapper!

If this has given you an idea or you’ve had an “aha” moment… Share it!  Had I realized how simple it was to put a custom spin on things earlier in life? Pfffsh… share this and have fun! Lastly I’ll mention that the wingtip “dots” in the shoes that are now filled with white paint were done with the round end of a pin. I dipped the pin in paint and pushed it into the space. After that I took a damp paper towel to remove extra paint.


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