Travel and the redo on the vintage trunk!


Birthday weekends used to mean a bit more. That was when my birthday fell on a Friday and I had the weekend off. This year my birthday not only fell on a Friday, but the 13th too? Oh boy.

I head back to start my 4 day week today. Loved the part where I wanted to do things a bit different this year. I work for the airline so travel is free. I went to Austin on Wed, Flagstaff on Thurs and was supposed to hit Tucson yesterday. Last day I was bumped and that was fine. Saved me being hella tired.

I got this vintage train case from my friend Sarah. I knew what I wanted to do with it. It’s got our wedding written all over it. 😉


Based on my new draw to travel and ability to do so I throw the train case into the mix at the right time. I’m starting an additional travel blog which will cover the good/ bad and ugly experiences. If you’re interested in following that please follow along. Not yet but soon…

Have a great weekend and stay tuned. I’ve got the blog site chosen. It will not cover any Upshabby and will not automatically be posted on my personal FB page. I feel as if folks are getting tired of my travel posts.


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