Day trips via flight/ metro! <3

AUSTIN imageHow can it be that at this age I’d never done day trips via plane? Oh right… EXPENSE!

That has changed as I got an opportunity to work for the airlines and I jumped. It’s been a progressive awakening to things that I’d been clueless about. Public transportation has never been a hot button. My attitude has always been “why, when I have a car?” I’ll step back and say that people watching is a favorite hobby. Makes sense why I love the airport environment. Public trans is just people watching in a much smaller space. It allows me to get in their world without ever really talking to the locals.

Last week I went to Austin as my 1st day trip. It was a great introduction. The public trans system was simple and getting back to the airport was nearly effortless. Saw a Salvation Army but never walked in. On the way home I realized that I missed an opportunity to connect Upshabby and travel. Duh….

The following day I flew out to Flagstaff. Absolutely loved that place. It reminded me of Tahoe, Bend and my hometown all wrapped in 1 package. The only thing I didn’t like was the public transit. Basically it was non existent. I went into the City building to talk about how it worked. The woman was not only clueless but rude. I wanted to smack her and say, ” it’s your job to know the transit system not mine to help YOU figure it out!” I ended up leaving very irritated and decided that instead of adding to the frustration it was better for me if I walk the 6+ miles to get to the airport.image imageimage

Today I flew to Santa Barbara and LOVED it. The public transit system was very easy and across the street from the terminal. I hopped on that bus for an hour to take me downtown. The atmosphere was incredible. I went into a handful of shops down there. On the way back to the airport I jumped off early because I knew we passed 2 thrift stores. I decided that I’d rather walk through them and walk back than miss that opportunity. Fantastic experience! Didn’t bring anything home but that’s ok too. It was my inaugural thrift/ travel experience.

With all of that said, I’d rate Austin a 7.5 out of 10 overall. It isn’t someplace I’d rush to go back to unless I had more time. Right now, however, is all about day trips. I don’t want a rental car and skip the hotel. Flag I’d rate a 6.5 out of 10 based on great atmosphere but no public transit. The latter was a big negative. If they had it available, I’d go back multiple times but without a car it isn’t user-friendly.


Lastly, today was by far my fav day trip so far. Gorgeous environment. Fabulous transit system. People were user friendly and I even got to walk a few thrift stores!


Tomorrow I’m taking off to wrap up my weekend. Hopefully it will be as successful as today was!

Signed… Upshabby



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