Can I really add a graphic to a tshirt…

There is SOO much fun going on right now. From taking advantage of flight benefits to putting together wedding details. From following my passion in aquatics to getting ready to move the household. All good individually, but collectively? SHUT the front door!

imageimageI’ve posted about this project before but wanted to add a bit more detail. I’d rate it a simple to easy project.

What you need:


exacto knife

freezer paper (plastic coated)

Tulip Slick dimensional fabric paint


The process starts by finding a graphic that you want to use. Cut down your freezer paper to size that fits your printer. Print graphic on non plastic coated side. Cut the graphic out with exacto. Less complicated graphic is suggested to start. When that’s completed, pull out the tshirt that you want the graphic on. Iron the coated side to the shirt. It will stick yo the iron so be sure to iron on paper side only.

You’re almost done. I’ve done the paint with either a dobber or a small paintbrush. Either way works but I prefer the paintbrush. Once you’ve applied the paint to the graphic, peal the freezer paper. I’ve let it air dry and used a hair dryer when I’m impatient.

Once it’s dry, it will not ruin the dryer. Have fun with this. Think kids. 😉

If you do this, please post a pic and let us know how it went.

Signed… Upshabby


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