Try this again…

I started this post and somehow “lost” it. Try again. I’m flying out to see my Maid of Honor today. I work for the airlines so it’s not like it costs me money, if it did, I wouldn’t be able to go. 😦 Wedding is 9 months away and time is flying. We move this month to a community next door to the airport. Smaller house but vintage so it’s up my Alley, pun intended.

I threw out the message to my bride crew that I want to take a gal trip prior to the wedding! Just the 3 of us. Wasn’t sure how they’d respond because each has a family but I want to do it without all the stress.

No I’m not expecting a stressful wedding. On the contrary. Many of the details are worked out. I have the skewer mustaches for photo ops. The sparklers are fantastic. Those will coordinate with glow in the dark bubbles. Unsure how that’ll work but I have the bubbles now. I’ll add glow in the dark and take them with me to play with in Fresno.


Made amazing dirt cake by adding espresso powder. I’ll make that for Karen too. I want her to know what to expect when we get closer! Working on the catering. I don’t care about much but I want the BBQ to happen on site. The ambiance is what I want.

We’ll Upshabby while I’m there which is just the icing on the cake! Thumbs up for a fantastic trip of making memories by the pool!


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