Newest Upshabby’r

OMG! I got into Fresno yesterday at 330pm to see Karen. We’ve  been friends since 4th grade! One of those people that time elapses but when you get together it all fades. I asked Karen to be my maid of honor. Thankfully she took the “position.”

Imagine me flying out with a small carry on. Inside it has 2 dresses that I’d selected as wedding potentials. The idea in coming out was 2 fold. Have Karen help pick the dress and Upshabby!

When I tried the dresses on her response and input was priceless. “Why don’t you wear both of them?” They each fit like a glove and they’re great. When she said that I was immediately loving the idea.

Next was the Upshabby. It was her grandmother’s. Nice piece but needing some TLC. It’s not done quite yet as we are going to antique it with stain but it looks fanTasTic!image

Should also mention that my bride crew and I are taking a 1st class flight to New York City to celebrate the wedding!


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