Hour glass sand timer~ life…

Oh my… things are so busy right now. I work at the airport so am constantly in motion. Often times it’s 125* in the bin! That’s where I prefer to spend most of my time as I deal with bags and NOT people.

Ben and I and Daisy are moving next week. We say good bye to the East Valley and hello to the West Valley. The house we’re going to up is smaller and older but I ❤ it! It reminds me of a former house that I owned. So the process is on to pack the house.

imageIt feels like life has just been put on a timer. I was just offered the full time job yesterday. I’m in the negotiation process as it’s a huge time commitment. I’m looking forward to being back in the water but as GM my focus will be coordinating all the pieces from staffing to schedules, etc. fingers are crossed as it’ll help me pay off some personal bills before the wedding.

Wedding… even though we are still months away it feels like it’s at a break neck speed. Much of the basic coordinating is done. Have the venue, BBQ’R and photog are lined up. The new house puts us closer to the venue. I’ll also be 5miles from the airport instead of the 23. Happy about that!

I’ve been reminded why I need to focus on surrounding myself with people that care about me and love life like I do. Hostility and negative energy is NOT on my list of characteristics I need to be affiliated with.

Recap… New house~ check. New additional job~check. (I won’t leave airport.) Wedding~ check. Packing… back to it. Going to Portland to see bridesmaid in a few weeks~check!

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