Italy Bound~ honeymoon!

It’s been a long time since I posted a blog! I’m still here and ready to jump back in.

Ben and I were married the last SatuColiseum rday in April this year. We spent time thinking about where and when we wanted to go. Part of the process was, patiently, waiting for my passport to arrive. Patience is NOT part of my character. But, irregardless, wait I did.

Finally the passport arrived and Italy became IT! We decided to wait until October because that is considered beyond HIGH season.

The train fares have been pulled and noted to make transitions as easy as possible. Our base is Rome and everything will start from there. We are so excited about this trip to celebrate our marriage. After much research I selected a small bed and beverage to call “home.”


New Year in DC!

If life isn’t fun then there is something wrong with that! I have to refocus on mixing work with FUN. I haven’t spent much time Upshabby’g and I miss it! Time to get back headed in that direction.

I’ve got a fantastic project that I’m ready to start. This was something that occurred to me on this trip in DC! Mixing fun into my life needs to happen MORE!

Looking forward to getting back to Tempe tonight. I have the day off with Ben tomorrow but head to the airport tomorrow night.

Daisy dog/ girl we’ll be home tonight!

Newest Upshabby’r

OMG! I got into Fresno yesterday at 330pm to see Karen. We’ve  been friends since 4th grade! One of those people that time elapses but when you get together it all fades. I asked Karen to be my maid of honor. Thankfully she took the “position.”

Imagine me flying out with a small carry on. Inside it has 2 dresses that I’d selected as wedding potentials. The idea in coming out was 2 fold. Have Karen help pick the dress and Upshabby!

When I tried the dresses on her response and input was priceless. “Why don’t you wear both of them?” They each fit like a glove and they’re great. When she said that I was immediately loving the idea.

Next was the Upshabby. It was her grandmother’s. Nice piece but needing some TLC. It’s not done quite yet as we are going to antique it with stain but it looks fanTasTic!image

Should also mention that my bride crew and I are taking a 1st class flight to New York City to celebrate the wedding!


Upshabby challenge~ look at things differently

image image imageAre you able to do this? Too many of us get caught in the “it’s not ‘perfect'” conundrum. Sorry mom but I blame that “training” on you.

Those of you that have any understanding of me know that regularly I’ll say “it’s not ‘perfect’ but I don’t live in perfect.”

The pic of the washtub was a stretch. I knew that I wanted metal buckets for our wedding reception. Those buckets are $20 ea. Most people would think “big deal” but not Upshabby. I’d rather spend that $60 on something that matters to us.

I found this antique washing machine cylinder on CL. It was in great shape for the task I wanted it for. Ice bucket anyone?

I brought it home and painted the lid and added the key logo on top. It made sense to me as Ben bought me a key charm that looks antique that hangs around my neck.

Getting back to the challenge of looking at things differently. The coffee table was trash! Not only was it thrashed BUT it had been oil painted. No fears. It was free to me and after I Upshabby’d, I sold it for $75.


There are several places within the blog that I’ve talked about how I do the transfers. I’ve asked people to “like” the Upshabby fb page. Even went so far as to say that if we went to xxx in likes I’d do a video tut on exactly how I do it.

Got a very few likes but I’m done with that. I feel like I’m begging people to allow me to teach them to get the same result. One person says, ” I don’t ‘follow’ but can you produce multiple for me to use?” Excuse me?

She knows who she is and she doesn’t read the blog so I needn’t be concerned. At some point I will do a tutorial but not yet. Feel free to send a message if you’re up for the challenge of looking at things differently.

Signed… Upshabby

Life is GOOD!

imageI have been extremely busy doing transfers. I’ve done them for a few years but have finally NAILED my process. It takes all of about 10 min with multiple pieces of the transfer graphic.


Also, last night 4th of July was all about a practice run on sparklers for our wedding send off. Loved everything about the visual result. Thanks Dollar Store. 15 sparklers for a dollar.image

Day trips and Upshabby are connected!

How fun! Last week was an epic 3 days off. Yes I work for the airlines which means I can travel. Love being able to go at the drop of a hat. Speaking of hats… this is the hat I bought while in Flagstaff last weekend. Didn’t qualify as Upshabby as it came from a boutique but it was a bday present to me. 🙂


I’ve been thinking about how to make the connection of travel to Upshabby. My trips are currently day trips so things need to be able to be carried on. Love vintage retro so that’s it! Tomorrow I fly over to Santa Barbara and while I’m there will hit at least 1 thrift store to see what I find. I love the hunt irregardless of if it’s furniture or clothes.

Let’s see how this all comes together. Come back tomorrow!

Signed… Upshabby