Glass Challenge Guidelines

Save the date 9/22. Post before and after pics by 2pm (your time) on the Upshabby Group page. We will interact as a challenge group along the way. Last time a “hint” of competition was added to the equation but the goal is to have fun while pushing creativity out of comfort zone.

Judging will happen on the Upshabby page. Because that’s not a closed page you can send your friends to vote. Voting won’t close until that following Sunday at 2:00pm AZ time. Yes I’ll be watching that to announce the winner. Votes= win. 😉

The challenger with the most votes picks the following challenge topic. It’s fun and the friendships that are being built are epic. To me that’s the best part. Build relationships and all things are possible.

Who: Us

When: 9/22

What: Glass Challenge before and after pics postec

Where: Upshabby Group

Why: Fun… fun… And MORE fun!

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