Life is GOOD!

imageI have been extremely busy doing transfers. I’ve done them for a few years but have finally NAILED my process. It takes all of about 10 min with multiple pieces of the transfer graphic.


Also, last night 4th of July was all about a practice run on sparklers for our wedding send off. Loved everything about the visual result. Thanks Dollar Store. 15 sparklers for a dollar.image

Chalk Paint and graphics kind of day!

So today and yesterday were a combo of chalk paint and graphics. I redid the train case. It looks oh so much better. Esthetically it’s appealing. Then I decided to tackle the vintage Lady Baltimore suitcase. It looks fab! Added the Paris graphics. Every Paris piece of furniture I did sold quickly on CL so I threw her up too. I’ll test the water. It’s completely unique and there won’t be another just like it.



I picked up the vintage washing machine tub turned ice box. Based on the size I’d guess 1960s but who knows. The lid was spray painted. I redid that with chalk paint. I don’t know if we’ll keep it or if Ben will send it with his best man.


That’s pretty well it. I need to tackle bottle cap baubles tomorrow.

Signed… Upshabby

Tomorrow’s ToDo~

imageThe little things add a skip to my step. I have a vintage Lady Baltimore suitcase that I’m going to chalk paint and add a Paris graphic to it. I’ve blogged about the transfer process so if that’s of interest and you want to try it read the blog. πŸ™‚

The other thing I’m going to do tomorrow is bottle cap jewelry. I have bottle caps, the puncher/ domer and my soldering iron. I’ll try my luck at it this time around and see how I do.

Stay tuned. We’ll see how far I get.

Signed… Upshabby


Wedding… This or that?

Let’s start off with what to wear? This or that? This could be a long “story” so I’ll cut to the chase. Over 2 years ago I quit drinking. Not ” slowed down, BUT quit.” I went from a raving drunk to starting to get my life back together. With that, I started to lose weight. Then 8 months ago I “found” the airport job pushing wheelchairs. I quickly started walking 9miles a day at break neck speed. I went from wheelchairs to checking in passengers and their bags. With that, I was quick to see the positive effects of lifting 50lb bags constantly during my shift.


Then I found the ramp. It’s a very demanding job physically and requires being able to multi task “on the go.” With all of that said, I’ve lost nearly 55 lbs. I’m not “looking” for them so if you see them just ignore them. Lol…

Ben proposed in December and we selected the last Sat in April, 2015. I bought the 1st dress from a major department store chain. Cute dress but something was “off.” Can’t take it back so I found another bridal dress on CL. It’s not a true bride dress but I didn’t care. It’s a bridal gown and I’m not looking for the big white gown. Did that the first time around. The second time around is MY way, but as my mom said, “are you sure black?”

That leads to the next dress that I also found on CL. Gorgeous dress and it fits well but now that I did the top hat birdcage veil, I’m wondering if the black dress isn’t a better option. I’m starting to drive myself crazy and trust me… It’s a short trip. I think I need to go see my maid of honor with dresses packed to help make that decision.


Bottom line, I have options and will go with the one that makes the most sense. It doesn’t really matter. I’ll be gorgeous and it’ll be a great day. Doesn’t seem possible that it’s only 10 months away. The next thing on my “to do” list is to find the food/ caterer. I really want BBQ food so I’m on the “hunt” for the person to bring in the commercial BBQ and do it up on site. Spirits will be flowing so it’s important to set the ambiance with the meal too. The fantastic smell and the cozy environment are key to us.


Ben bought me a whole lotta sunday pop bottle caps before we left TX too. I’m still deciding how I’m going to incorporate the diet coke into my wedding attire, but a diet coke bottle cap necklace is screaming at me! All details are subject to change but that’s ok. I am learning to LIKE change.

My father isn’t around to walk me. He was a huge positive influence on me over the years and my buddy Brodie Dog got me through the tough years. Neither are here in body but they will be with me in spirit. Small pictures will be attached to hang from my bridal bouquet. I’ll crop out my sis in the pic with dad. It was her wedding day Β over 20 yrs ago. Oh pops… I miss you.

image image

Signed… Upshabby. ❀

Can I really add a graphic to a tshirt…

There is SOO much fun going on right now. From taking advantage of flight benefits to putting together wedding details. From following my passion in aquatics to getting ready to move the household. All good individually, but collectively? SHUT the front door!

imageimageI’ve posted about this project before but wanted to add a bit more detail. I’d rate it a simple to easy project.

What you need:


exacto knife

freezer paper (plastic coated)

Tulip Slick dimensional fabric paint


The process starts by finding a graphic that you want to use. Cut down your freezer paper to size that fits your printer. Print graphic on non plastic coated side. Cut the graphic out with exacto. Less complicated graphic is suggested to start. When that’s completed, pull out the tshirt that you want the graphic on. Iron the coated side to the shirt. It will stick yo the iron so be sure to iron on paper side only.

You’re almost done. I’ve done the paint with either a dobber or a small paintbrush. Either way works but I prefer the paintbrush. Once you’ve applied the paint to the graphic, peal the freezer paper. I’ve let it air dry and used a hair dryer when I’m impatient.

Once it’s dry, it will not ruin the dryer. Have fun with this. Think kids. πŸ˜‰

If you do this, please post a pic and let us know how it went.

Signed… Upshabby

Day trips via flight/ metro! <3

AUSTIN imageHow can it be that at this age I’d never done day trips via plane? Oh right… EXPENSE!

That has changed as I got an opportunity to work for the airlines and I jumped. It’s been a progressive awakening to things that I’d been clueless about. Public transportation has never been a hot button. My attitude has always been “why, when I have a car?” I’ll step back and say that people watching is a favorite hobby. Makes sense why I love the airport environment. Public trans is just people watching in a much smaller space. It allows me to get in their world without ever really talking to the locals.

Last week I went to Austin as my 1st day trip. It was a great introduction. The public trans system was simple and getting back to the airport was nearly effortless. Saw a Salvation Army but never walked in. On the way home I realized that I missed an opportunity to connect Upshabby and travel. Duh….

The following day I flew out to Flagstaff. Absolutely loved that place. It reminded me of Tahoe, Bend and my hometown all wrapped in 1 package. The only thing I didn’t like was the public transit. Basically it was non existent. I went into the City building to talk about how it worked. The woman was not only clueless but rude. I wanted to smack her and say, ” it’s your job to know the transit system not mine to help YOU figure it out!” I ended up leaving very irritated and decided that instead of adding to the frustration it was better for me if I walk the 6+ miles to get to the airport.image imageimage

Today I flew to Santa Barbara and LOVED it. The public transit system was very easy and across the street from the terminal. I hopped on that bus for an hour to take me downtown. The atmosphere was incredible. I went into a handful of shops down there. On the way back to the airport I jumped off early because I knew we passed 2 thrift stores. I decided that I’d rather walk through them and walk back than miss that opportunity. Fantastic experience! Didn’t bring anything home but that’s ok too. It was my inaugural thrift/ travel experience.

With all of that said, I’d rate Austin a 7.5 out of 10 overall. It isn’t someplace I’d rush to go back to unless I had more time. Right now, however, is all about day trips. I don’t want a rental car and skip the hotel. Flag I’d rate a 6.5 out of 10 based on great atmosphere but no public transit. The latter was a big negative. If they had it available, I’d go back multiple times but without a car it isn’t user-friendly.


Lastly, today was by far my fav day trip so far. Gorgeous environment. Fabulous transit system. People were user friendly and I even got to walk a few thrift stores!


Tomorrow I’m taking off to wrap up my weekend. Hopefully it will be as successful as today was!

Signed… Upshabby


Day trips and Upshabby are connected!

How fun! Last week was an epic 3 days off. Yes I work for the airlines which means I can travel. Love being able to go at the drop of a hat. Speaking of hats… this is the hat I bought while in Flagstaff last weekend. Didn’t qualify as Upshabby as it came from a boutique but it was a bday present to me. πŸ™‚


I’ve been thinking about how to make the connection of travel to Upshabby. My trips are currently day trips so things need to be able to be carried on. Love vintage retro so that’s it! Tomorrow I fly over to Santa Barbara and while I’m there will hit at least 1 thrift store to see what I find. I love the hunt irregardless of if it’s furniture or clothes.

Let’s see how this all comes together. Come back tomorrow!

Signed… Upshabby

Travel and the redo on the vintage trunk!


Birthday weekends used to mean a bit more. That was when my birthday fell on a Friday and I had the weekend off. This year my birthday not only fell on a Friday, but the 13th too? Oh boy.

I head back to start my 4 day week today. Loved the part where I wanted to do things a bit different this year. I work for the airline so travel is free. I went to Austin on Wed, Flagstaff on Thurs and was supposed to hit Tucson yesterday. Last day I was bumped and that was fine. Saved me being hella tired.

I got this vintage train case from my friend Sarah. I knew what I wanted to do with it. It’s got our wedding written all over it. πŸ˜‰


Based on my new draw to travel and ability to do so I throw the train case into the mix at the right time. I’m starting an additional travel blog which will cover the good/ bad and ugly experiences. If you’re interested in following that please follow along. Not yet but soon…

Have a great weekend and stay tuned. I’ve got the blog site chosen. It will not cover any Upshabby and will not automatically be posted on my personal FB page. I feel as if folks are getting tired of my travel posts.