FLG- Flagstaff

Overall I loved Flagstaff. It reminded me of a mix of Bend OR, Tahoe and Tempe AZ. It was a gorgeous area and the airport was very small. What I didn’t realize was that their idea of “public transportation” and mine didn’t match. I was under the impression that there was bus service from the airport to downtown. That was incorrect. 

I take minimal cash with me on my day trips because the idea is to use the public transportation getting to and from the downtown and explore. This trip didn’t work out that way. I either had to take a taxi downtown or turn around and go home. I jumped in a taxi for the 7 mile ride to downtown. The driver gave me a “deal” for the $10 ride. 

In speaking with the driver I learned that yes FLG has bus service but it doesn’t go to the airport. That doesn’t make sense to me, but a lot of things don’t. :/ After being there for a few hours it was time to decide how the bus system worked to navigate my way back to the airport. I saw the City of Flagstaff building and decided to drop in and get the information I needed.

That was so frustrating because the woman I spoke to at the Community Services desk had zero idea how to help me. Keep in mind that I worked at that same desk for the City of Euless back in TX. Not only did she not know BUT she wouldn’t ask anybody that might help me!

When I left that building (muttering things I will not repeat) I decided that I wasn’t going to risk more time trying to make sense of the unknown. I had 2 hours before my flight left and 6 miles was doable. Off I went. There was a guy working on a building that I stopped at to ask for help. He drew me a crude map to get back.

As I continued on I stopped for fast food to give me the energy to make the hill that I knew was coming. The trek was probably 2.5 miles on fairly flat road before the hill climb of the last 3.5. I knew I had worked when I finally arrived at the airport.

The good news is I got to the airport with time to spare. Loved the area and will go back. Bad news was it requires taxis to get downtown. The other option is to rent a car but I am solely interested in public transportation. Or a mix of public trans and my folding bike. The Schwinn Loop that I picked up was started by this experience. 

I give the area a 10 for atmosphere and “feel.” The downtown was very homey and felt like someplace called home. Public transportation is a 3 based on no bus service from the airport to downtown. My interaction with City of Flagstaff is a 1. It would be a 0 except she was present at the desk but uninterested in helping me to find a way to get back to the airport. 

I’m going back to FLG but this time I’ll take my Loop aka Lupe.