Travel and the redo on the vintage trunk!


Birthday weekends used to mean a bit more. That was when my birthday fell on a Friday and I had the weekend off. This year my birthday not only fell on a Friday, but the 13th too? Oh boy.

I head back to start my 4 day week today. Loved the part where I wanted to do things a bit different this year. I work for the airline so travel is free. I went to Austin on Wed, Flagstaff on Thurs and was supposed to hit Tucson yesterday. Last day I was bumped and that was fine. Saved me being hella tired.

I got this vintage train case from my friend Sarah. I knew what I wanted to do with it. It’s got our wedding written all over it. 😉


Based on my new draw to travel and ability to do so I throw the train case into the mix at the right time. I’m starting an additional travel blog which will cover the good/ bad and ugly experiences. If you’re interested in following that please follow along. Not yet but soon…

Have a great weekend and stay tuned. I’ve got the blog site chosen. It will not cover any Upshabby and will not automatically be posted on my personal FB page. I feel as if folks are getting tired of my travel posts.

It’s getting fun now~ Wedding Planner Extraordinaire!

imageI think I missed my calling! This wedding details are starting to get fun and it’s almost a year away! I bought a really great long formal gown right after he proposed. Didn’t realize how much weight I’d continue to lose at the airport so unsure if I’ll end up selling it or altering it myself. If I can’t alter it in Ruffle County I don’t want to “play.” Ruffle County, for those of you that don’t know, is my craft room where my sewing Upshabby happens!

We picked out the venue. Originally we planned on going to Moab, UT and had a bed and breakfast picked out. It was small and quaint but when we went for the walk through it was too small. They required that all rooms were reserved with a 2 night minimum. Excuse me? If people flew in and out to join us staying only 1 day, who do you think was responsible for the additional night? At $200 ea room per night it was too much to take on. Not to mention that the caterer wanted it “his” way irregardless of our goals and plan. Just like what the barber says… NEXT.

When we thought Moab was it I hadn’t started the airline position yet. As we left and were talking about it, Ben says, “let’s keep it local in AZ and make it more user friendly for everyone to get to.” Not to mention that instead of a destination wedding we can do a Destination Honeymoon with the flight benefits. Yay!

That brings us to the venue we did choose. We’ll be married in AZ at the end of April 2015. It won’t have started to get hot yet and it’s very close to the airport. Easy transition from plane to hotel to wedding. We have the time reserved from 4 to 830pm. It’s very quaint but I love the outdoor ambiance. That is why we chose the time that we did. Have I mentioned that I’m a recent lover of a combo of antique and vintage? Mom would question when that happened because I hated it, until recently.

So now I’m onto desert. The traditional cake doesn’t fit what we’re going for. I’m waiting for quotes on the top layer and then to have the desert bar table with many things to choose from. Y’all know of my recent fascination with dirt cake? There’s a reason for that.

The dress doesn’t fit. Now what? I woke up at 4am this morning and realized the tentative theme of this celebration. Let’s recap- love vintage and antique. We’re getting married at The Antique Wedding House. I’ve been fascinated by the rockabilly style of the 50’s. That’s IT!

I’ll be searching for a dress that was either a prom dress or some type of formal gown. I’ll take that and Upshabby it to meet our style with the celebration! I may have already found the dress. Stay tuned for that. I was married the 1st time nearly 20 yrs ago. The fact that I didn’t care about the details should have told me that it wasn’t the right time, but it didn’t.

I’ll be Upshabby’g the dress and also making the birdcage veil/ blusher. I’m looking forward to getting those 2 things accomplished. I’ve lost about 30 lbs since I started at the airport 7 months ago. Total weight loss since I quit drinking 2 years ago is 50+ lbs and with my current job I expect to lose another 15 pretty quickly.

I think I missed my calling. Rockabilly anyone? Shhhh… Don’t tell Ben. He doesn’t read the blog and I haven’t mentioned it yet. Yes he’s sitting a foot away from me on his own computer but right now Daisy and Alli are keeping it a secret.






Where do I start… the “beginning” is too long ago. :/

Update on life… Work and wedding but not necessarily in that order.

I’m waiting for the time in my life where things get easier. Waiting. Waiting.. Waiting… It just doesn’t seem to be “this” chapter in my life yet.

I’ll start off by saying that Ben and I left Daisy with a dog sitter and traveled down to CSULB for my niece’s graduation. Amazing and wonderful time spent with family that I haven’t seen regularly since we left CA. Long overdo but Kate was gorgeous. I enjoyed speaking with her and coming to terms that this young woman is absolutely gorgeous inside and out.

Being there for that took me back to my own college graduation. Left me reflecting on the last 21 years. Realizing that it’s time for me to regain the focus that I once had and lost. When I “lost” it I didn’t care anymore. I made the last decade extremely difficult on myself. The only thing that it proved in the struggles was that I was great at punishing myself. Nearly a damn professional. 😦

With that said, I’m done with that chapter. I close the book and toss it aside. Now it’s time for Alli to reposition her life on top. I am capable, as we all are, of anything that I set my focus on.

Work is moving right along. Enjoy the process and being with the airline but the future is unknown. I continue to seek out doors aka opportunities. I was called in for a meeting Monday before my shift with the comment of “changing my schedule.” I was told that I may be offered a full time position. There are both pros and cons with that but it’s unknown if that is what the meeting is about so I’ll hold off on that.

The wedding is getting details set in place. We have the venue, time reserved and all the basics. The details are starting to make themselves known in my head as I check them off the list. Things like how the tables will be set up food offered, drinks, etc. Things that I don’t necessarily need to be concerned about now but that’s how my mind rolls. I know how we’ll exit the reception with Daisy in hand, of course. 😉

Wedding venue

Wedding venue

More changes are coming down the line, but I accept them with open arms. Lastly, I made it to my 2 year sobriety at the graduation. I recognize that many people can’t relate to that and that’s ok too.

New Job, wedding update and life <3

I finished my last day at the previous employer on Thursday. Started getting stuff in order for the new employer Friday. I went to the Sky Harbor Operations Office to get my new badge and take the driving test. I’m now authorized to drive on the airfield! Never saw “that” coming.

If somebody told me 3 years ago that I’d be in this place I wouldn’t have believed it. Not only do I work for the airlines, but I get health and flight benefits. 😉 I picked the wedding location and Ben picks the honeymoon. It changes everything because basically we fly for minimal cost. I learned the other day that our small terrier flies free too under the seat in front of one of us. Really?! I picked up her soft sided carrier a little over a week ago so that we’re ready. I’d rather have her with us than leave her to board. I added her name on the outside of the flap.




Ben and I agreed that I pick out the wedding location and he picks honeymoon. I have a quaint location all picked out to have the ceremony and reception. I’d been going back and forth trying to look at our food options. Until today, I hadn’t spoken to the catering manager. I was starting to feel like I needed a fall back option. Bottom line… I’m committed to focus on our priorities. A sit down plated meal isn’t at the top of the list. I want to know what the options are and where financially it makes sense. That conversation is on the schedule for 6pm tomorrow. Yay! I feel like there is progress. We’ll fly out in the next month to confirm the location.  I’ll announce after that and give regular updates.

Life has changed so much. I quit drinking nearly 2 years ago and the changes started then. I was able to get my foot in the door with the airport. Started out pushing wheelchairs but knew that my focus was the airlines. 5 months later I have THAT position that enables me to check things off the bucket list. Extremely thankful. 

Ben has been my rock through the last 7+years. He’s had to put up with a lot of scenarios that most would have walked away from. Feel blessed by his commitment and giving me the time I needed to get my life back on track. I’m looking forward to the wedding and becoming Mrs. Ben Anderson. 😉 My life is NOT perfect but perfect for me!



Changes in life is 1 of the only guarantees. Aside from death and taxes.

So much going on right now. Work is still… work. A lot of unknowns as the 2 airlines jockey for position. during training we learned that American was taking top position. If that is true, they make the rules/ guidelines. That part doesn’t effect me directly but I’m not fond of “surprises” and they seem to be rolling off the line. I just have to sit back for a few weeks and wait for the move back to Terminal 4. That’s where I started and ten went to T3 to learn as much as possible before the move.

Aside from that, our lease is up and we’re making the decision to down size from a large house to a condo/ apartment that is designated “luxury.” It’s a new concept as I’ve not been in that type of living situation since I left college. It’s a good move though as we are forced to really limit not keeping stuff that is redundant and that we don’t need. We’ll cut living space in half. I think that’s a good thing. Challenging… but good.

Today I’ve been out in the garage finishing up a coffee table so that I can sell it. It’s not coming with us so SELL! It’s not quite done but close.


imageSee the theme?


So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. A ton going on right now, but I just have to step back and let it unfold. Not my favorite thing but it’s a challenge. Packing a house isn’t my favorite thing either.  as I type this I look over at Daisy. She IS one of my favorite things.

Life and wedding~ UPDATE!

Things are happening quickly and I’m both thrilled and amazed. I’ll start with work. I’ve been at the airport just over 2 months. For years I’d always wanted to be at an airport, but things never fell into place. With that said, I’ve been there 9 weeks and things ARE NOW falling into place. My soul is doing the happy dance. 🙂

A few times in my life I’ve been in the right place at the right time, and this is one of them. I work for a contractor that is directly connected to US Airways. The recent merger with American has opened doors. Not just for the company that I work for, but bigger than that. I had been pushing wheelchairs and assisting those to get to and from the planes. Loved helping people and didn’t mind walking 9 miles a day. Tips were appreciated and I loved coming home with cash in my pocket daily.

Onto the next adventure though. I’m still working for the same company but got pulled into the office to talk about another option. Since I’d been there they had tried to get me to shift internally 3 times but things hadn’t added up and I didn’t “go.” This time, however, is different. I received the email welcoming me to the “airline” team. Training starts Monday and I’m thrilled.

Now onto the wedding. I didn’t realize that were only 500 miles from Moab. I’m not sure if we’ll fly or drive it the 1st time we go. However, I’m excited to have that opportunity to get a full visual before we commit to the specific location. 😉

Today is my day off so I’ve got the steamer trunk on the brain. Trunk is painted and ready to be distressed. Once I have that part done and am satisfied, then the true fun part starts. The graphic is done and ready for the process of being transferred. I’ve talked about how I do this already in a previous blog. Check back tomorrow if you’re interested because I’ll post pics! 

Its a good life. Signed… Upshabby


Dress~ check. Location~ check check. Date~ almost… Engagement photos~ close…

Amazing how things change as one (me) gets older. Priorities are completely different. Thankful for that alone.

Ben proposed before Christmas. Picked out my ring the following day. Started doing the research to find a place that would work as the destination wedding AND honeymoon. There are so many places that I want to travel to. Some near and far. Thought about passports and going out of states. Then I realized that there are folks that wouldn’t go as a result. Then I reminded myself of all the places within the states that are on my bucket list.

A few decades ago, I graduated with my degree in Recreation Admin. Yet… I can count on a few fingers the number of National Parks that I’ve been to. Those are at the top of the bucket list for me personally. Talked about it with Ben and he was okay with it but I think his enthusiasm jumped a tad when I picked THE tentative place. It’s not a done deal yet so I’ll refrain from mentioning it now. I sent out the email to the coordinator to inquire on costs. I’ll anticipate getting that response early next week. We’re going out local to find a place to have photos taken of us. Those will be used a tad later but I’m looking forward to putting all the pieces together. The pic underneath is a local place that may be used for the pics.





Building memories is something I cherish. It all comes back to priorities and how things change. The destination wedding seems to be synonymous with “eloping.” I don’t care what it’s called but I’m not a fan of having limits on the number of guests. As a result, we may opt for a small wedding. We want to invite all the people that are connected. If people aren’t able, or choose not to join us, that’s fine and understandable. The number of invites is our decision not the staff at the National Park.

With all of that said, I’m enjoying the process of getting the details together. Coordinating events is what adds a skip to my step. 🙂